About Solution 1883

Back in the year 1883 in Glasgow, Scotland, a Christian gentleman who was a volunteer in the army had trouble controlling a group of Boys in Sunday School when he could easily control a group of men in his volunteer army. After giving some thought, William Alexander Smith decided to bring in the method which he learnt in the army into his Sunday School classroom and it worked! From there, William Smith started a group called the Boys' Brigade. This simple and yet brilliant idea became the beginning of all other uniformed youth organisations.

Sir William Alexander Smith in 1883 found a solution and this solution has since been used by all to help put young people in uniform and giving them a sense of belonging and the spirit of espirit-de-corp. In honour of Sir William Alexander Smith who founded the first uniformed youth organisation called the Boys' Brigade, we want to come up with solutions that can help these organisations, so that they in turn can help develop young people into good men and women who will be honost and genuine in serving the society.

'Solution 1883' is the idea of Terence Tay who himself have served full time in the Boys' Brigade Headquarters in Malaysia for eight years and knows the needs of the volunteers and the situation that these organisations are going thru.

Terence left the Boys' Brigade Headquarters in Malaysia to start his own company, Terentius IT Services, so that he can help voluntarary organisations to use information technology (especially the internet) to promote their organisations and also to use it for administration purpose.

COIS or COmpany Information System is an administrative system tailored for a Boys' Brigade company. COIS, once fully developed would cover areas like membership, attendance, awards and many other areas. Currently it is in its beta version. Expected to be completed and tested by end 2011.

Terentius IT Services is not a voluntary organisation, it is a business entity. However, Terentius IT Services knows very well the financial situation of voluntary organisations and hence strives to provide solutions at an affordable rate.


Interested to know more? Contact Terence Tay directly at +6012 2793095 or email to terence[AT]terentius.com or visit www.terentius.com.my